Immigration and Our Workforce

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Immigration is a crucial part of our nation’s economy and the tech industry. We are proud of the diversity of thought and experiences that our foreign national employees bring to problem solving and innovation for our customers. That’s why we support immigration policy that addresses the needs of our workforce and provides long-term solutions for both employees and employers. We believe that we need a permanent solution for Dreamers and a more equitable employment-based green card system for our employees and their families.

A Path to Citizenship for Dreamers

Dreamers are an integral part of our society, contributing billions in annual economic growth and providing vital contributions to our company and our customers. We support legislation that creates a path to citizenship for Dreamers that ensures they can stay in the U.S. and fully engage in our communities. We also support protections for “documented Dreamers,” the children of parents who live in the U.S. with legal status. This is particularly important to our high-skilled employees. Like other Dreamers, the children of our employees on high-skilled work visas have grown up here and consider America their home. Due to the long wait times their parents face to obtain a green card, these children could “age out” at 21 and have to self-deport from the U.S. We continue to encourage members of Congress and the administration to reach a bipartisan legislative solution that protects all Dreamers, in order to bring certainty for our employees and ensure we can all continue to benefit from their innumerable contributions.

Eliminating Per Country Green Card Caps

Today’s employment-based (EB) green card rates are capped for any one country at seven percent of the total number of green cards each year, resulting in significant wait times – often more than ten years – for certain skilled professionals to obtain a green card. These wait times affect every aspect of our foreign-born employees’ lives. It can limit their ability to buy a home and creates complications for routine travel to see family or conduct business. That’s why we support creating a more equitable employment-based green card system through common sense reforms, including eliminating per-country caps to ensure parity with our employment-based visa system. We also support additional solutions that reduce the green card backlog, including recapturing unused green cards from past years and adding them to the annual cap. These reforms are critical to protecting our employees and addressing modern business needs, ensuring we can continue to hire and retain highly skilled workers regardless of their country of birth.

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