Operating Values

Our Values Evolution

Intuit was founded in 1983, committed to integrity, to our customers and to our employees. That commitment remains as strong today as it did then.

As we grew, our employees preserved that spirit in a written legacy for the future. In 1993, we shut down for a day and gathered together to clearly define our vision, mission and Operating Values.

The result: a series of 10 Operating Values that guided us into a new millennium In 2010, we reaffirmed our commitment to our Values, and re-examined their language to ensure they remained as relevant and meaningful today as they were when our employees defined them in 1993.

Through this journey, we reflected on our history, who we are today, and the company we aspire to be. In the end, what began as a mission to reaffirm our Values became an opportunity to refresh them, while keeping the spirit of our original values alive.

In 2014, we combined the Operating Values with our Leadership Success Profile, which defined how our employees perform in their day-to-day roles. Together, these are now known simply as Our Values.

"Over 30 years, the spirit of our Values has endured, while the words have been appropriately refreshed along the way to ensure they remain contemporary and relevant for the future. They remain the heartbeat and spirit that is the Intuit DNA, written in language that reflects the next chapter in our journey."

Brad Smith, President and CEO

Our Values

These eight values reflect the heartbeat and spirit of Intuit and, in concert with our Code of Conduct & Ethics, remain the foundation that guides our actions and decisions.

Living by these Values creates the type of environment we all desire: a workplace where we exceed the expectations of our customers and those of each other, and where we don't just satisfy people, we wow them.


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